Time-course of adaptation to an astigmatic correction published today in PLOS One

Adaptive optics and a best neutral focus paradigm were used to test the images perceived as neutral (non-astigmatic) by non-astigmats, habitually corrected astigmats and non-corrected astigmats. As opposed to non-astigmats, astigmatic subjects showed a bias towards astigmatic images in the first session. However, non-corrected astigmats showed a shift in their perceived neutral focus after following correction of their astigmatism by spectacles (partially 2-hours after correction, and fully 1-week, and present 6 months after correction).

The results of the study can be found at:  Vinas, M. Sawides, L. De Gracia, P. MArcos S. (PLoSONE, 2012)


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