Madrid-MIT M+Vision Minicourse on “Optical Imaging: Applications in Ophthalmology”


As part of the Madrid-MIT Vision Consortium July Minicourse Series, the Institute of Optics will be offering a course on “Optical Imaging:

Applications in Ophthalmology”. The course will allow participants to come in direct contact with novel optical imaging technologies and its applications in ophthalmology. The course will cover from fundamental clinical aspects to hands-on understanding of the principles of state-of-the art wavefront sensing, adaptive optics, optical coherence tomography and confocal and multiphoton microscopy. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with key leaders in the field of ocular imaging and ophthalmology, with expertise in optics, engineering, vision science and ophthalmology, and know who is who in the area in Madrid and Boston research communities. Transfer of laboratory technologies into industry and the clinic, with real experiences from the Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab (Institute of Optics, CSIC) and M+Visión will be also presented.

Full information and registration at:


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