Crystalline lens shape, GRIN and spherical aberration changes with accommodation, published in IOVS


We present OCT-based measurements of crystalline lens shape and Gradient Index distribution with in vitro simulated accommodation, and their contribution to the changes in spherical aberration. GRIN plays a significant role in shifting spherical aberration towards more negative values, at all accommodative stages, although the average and equivalent index of refraction do not change significantly with accommodation.

The study is a collaborative effort between the Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab (Instituto de Optica, CSIC) and Bascom Palmer Eye Institute (University of Miami), partly funded by CSIC i-LINK

Full reference:  Alberto de Castro, Judith Birkenfeld, Bianca Maceo, Fabrice Manns, Esdras Arrieta, Jean-Marie Parel and Susana Marcos. Influence of Shape and Gradient Refractive Index in the Accommodative Changes of Spherical Aberration in Nonhuman Primate Crystalline Lenses, Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. , 2013 vol. 54 no. 9 6197-6207


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