@VioBio_Lab launches video series on Ocular Imaging and Applications



Imaging technologies are key in the understanding, diagnostics and treatment of ocular disease. The Visual Optics and Biophotonics lab (Institute of Optics, CSIC) is a worldwide pioneer in the development of technologies to evaluate the optical and biomechanical properties of cornea and crystalline lens, and their visual impact. These series of videos present, for a general audience, the unique custom-developed technologies developed by VioBio Lab, and their use in the understanding of mechanisms of vision, ocular diagnostics and guidance for treatment.

The videos aim at approaching these technologies to vision scientists, clinicians, and developers, to show their capabilities and potential for testing and improving vision in patients. More information on each of the technologies and applications can be found in http://www.vision.csic.es/Research/

First video of the series: Laser Ray Tracing (LINK TO VIDEO)


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