Neural and meridional effects of astigmatic correction and induction on visual performance, published in OVS


The study measures the effect of inducing astigmatism on visual acuity in non-astigmatic patients, habitually corrected astigmats, and non-habitually corrected astigmats that are provided with a new correction of their astigmatism. The axis of the induced astigmatism appears critical. Astigmatic patients are less sensitive to the induction of astigmatism along their own axis. The effects were studied during the 6 months following correction, with natural optics, and natural aberrations corrected with Adaptive Optics, which guaranteed that the images projected on the retina were identical in all patients.

Full reference:  M. Vinas, . de Gracia, C. Dorronsoro, L. Sawides, G. Marin, M. Hernández, S. Marcos. Astigmatism impact on visual performance: meridional & adaptational effects.  OVS Vol. 90, No. 12, December 2013 


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