2014 M+Visión Fellowship Call for Applications


Madrid-MIT M+Vision Consortium announces 2014 Fellowships in Translational Biomedical Imaging.

A cohort of ten Fellows, exceptional talent from all over the world—engineers, physicians, scientists, and entrepreneurs who see the promise of biomedical imaging—will engage in structured learning experiences in Madrid and Boston and develop a research direction.

The 2014 Fellowship is aimed to individuals with deep expertise in their fields, a strong desire to collaborate in an international, multidisciplinary community, and who set their sights on significant healthcare innovation impact, those talented early stage professionals who want a transformative experience, working with other Fellows, to define and develop a research agenda.

After this initial development period, Fellows will conduct research projects—two years or more in duration—with the potential for global effect, using their Consortium network of academic, medical, industry and public leaders as mentors and springboards.

The Institute of Optics-CSIC (Madrid), as a member of the Madrid-MIT M+Vision Consortium, encourages postdoctoral applications in the fields of Optical Ocular Imaging within the frame of this program.

Application deadline: April 30th 2014.

Starting date: September 2th 2014.

More information on the Fellowship program: http://mvisionconsortium.mit.edu/fellowship

Begin your application: https://app.hobsons.co.uk/?id=madrid-mit


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