A revolutionary technique to engage IOLs to the capsular bag based on photobonding, published in IOVS


The study presents a new paradigm for engaging an intraocular lens to the lens capsular bag, based on a photobobonding technique. Anchoring the haptics to the capsular bag is essential for the operation of accommodating of IOLs. The study demonstrates the possibility of achieving a strong bobding between a polymer material of standard use in IOLs with rabbit capsular bag. Photobonding was activated by Rose Bengal and photinitated by green laser light. The load producing bonding breakage was at least one order of magnitude above the forces available from the ciliary muscle. The study is a result of a collaborative effort between VioBio Lab and Wellman Center of Photomedicine (MGH/Harvard).

Full paper: Susana Marcos; Nicolás Alejandre; Jorge Lamela; Carlos Dorronsoro; Irene E. Kochevar. Toward New Engagement Paradigms For Intraocular Lenses: Light-Initiated Bonding of Capsular Bag to Lens Materials. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science July 2015, Vol.56, 4249-4256



Viobio Lab


Wellman Center for Photomedicine


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