Clinical evaluation of the Quicksee low-cost hand-held autorefractometer, published in OVS




We describe a newly developed Hartmann-Shack autorefractor and demonstrated equivalent performance to the Grand Seiko
autorefractor in matching power vectors measured by subjective refraction. Because the QuickSee can
be produced at low-cost without a sacrifice in accuracy, it is a promising new approach to refraction that
may someday make autorefractors more accessible to resource-constrained eye care providers. The study results from a collaboration between VioBio Lab (CSIC), New England College of Optometry and Massachussets Institute of Technology under the Madrid MIT M+Vision Consortium. Quicksee is being commercialized by Plenoptika, Inc. The paper is published in the current issue of Optometry and Vision Science

Full reference:
Durr, Nicholas J.; Dave, Shivang R.; Vera-Diaz, Fuensanta A.; Lim, Daryl; Dorronsoro, Carlos; Marcos, Susana; Thorn, Frank; Lage, Eduardo. Design and Clinical Evaluation of a Handheld Wavefront Autorefractor, 92 (12), 1140–1147 (2015)


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