ERC Conference Press at World Economic Forum in Davos highlights SimVis Project

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The ERC PoC has announced ERC PoC results at the ERC Conference Press at the World Conference of Economics in Davos. The announcement features VioBio Lab Simultaneous Vision Simulator, highlighting a brief profile of this project to address a wide audience:

Pick-and-choose solution for presbyopia

If you are older than 45 and reading this, you probably have presbyopia, Greek for “seeing like an old man”. Many solutions to this condition exist, but doctors mostly work on a trial and error basis, and use their personal experience to determine what type of lenses fit the needs. Prof. Susana Marcos has
received a Proof of Concept grant to develop a simulator allowing patients to try out treatments before they are carried out.
Often trying different contact lenses over and over again can prove frustrating and time-consuming. In addition, some therapies can involve intraocular implants or corneal surgeries. The simulator will allow patients to test different types of commercial lenses and to see the world as they would after an eye operation, thus allowing them to pick the most comfortable solution.

Project: Simultaneous Vision Simulator for optimizing selection of presbyopic corrections (SimVisSim)
ERC funding: €150,000
Initial grant: Bio-inspired optical corrections of presbyopia (PRESBYOPIA)
Host Institution: Spanish National Research Council (Spain)
Researcher: Susana Marcos

Read full announcement:
CSIC Press Office, has echoed this news in a Press Relase at their CSIC Week


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