Seven lectures on presbyopia correction, visual simulation, multifocal lenses and aberrations at upcoming meetings in Copenhagen (ISOP 2016 & ESCRS)


Busy schedule for VioBio Lab research on presbyopia correction, optical and visual quality featured in two of the most important conferences in the field, hold in the next weeks in Copenhagen).  Note the following schedule of lectures by Susana Marcos in these conferences.

Friday 9
ISOP 2016. Susana Marcos,  Program Committee, Moderator and Speaker

Talk: New Technologies to Aid in Presbyopic Correction Selection
Round table discussion on “Presbymechanics” with Jorge Alio, Susana Marcos & Dan Neal
Moderator of session “Lenticular methods of presbyopia correction”, with Bernhard Febrer Bowen, Ronald Kruger and SSusana marcos.

Link to program:

Saturday 10- Tuesday 13
ESCRS 2016. Susana Marcos, Speaker

Saturday 10

Start Time 1:00 PM,

Session ID: SAT: Oculentis1.1,

Title:  Mythbuster: does LENTIS Mplus generate coma?

Start Time 1:45 PM

Session ID:  Clinical Research Sym 3.02

Title: Handheld device for stimulating multifocal lenses outcomes

Sunday 11

Start Time 8:30 AM

Session ID: Workshop on Visual Optics 1.03

Title: Aberrations of the optical system

Monday 12

Start Time 1:00 PM

Session ID: SAT: PhysIOL1.1

Title: Chromatic aberration in patients implanted with hydrophylic and hydrophobic PhysIOL IOLs

Tuesday 13

Start Time 9:18 AM

Session ID: FP-26991

Title: Insights on optical and visual performance with rotational asymmetric multifocal intraocular lenses


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