Visual perception with different bifocal designs simulated with a 2-channel SimVis, published in Biomedical Optics Express


A 2-channel Simultaneous Vision Simulator provided with a spatial light modulator was used to generate 14 bifocal patterns (concentric, angularly segmented and hybrid). Patients performed perceived visual scoring, pattern preference and visual acuity tests at near, intermediate and far with the simulated lenses. Angularly segmented designs tended to outperfom the rest of designs on average. However, the high intersubject difference in preference and performance suggests patient specific interactions of the eye’s optics and the lens, and perceptual factors, which should be considered for bifocal design selection. Simultaneous Vision Simulators are excellent tools to identify the optimal correction for a patient, taking into account these factors.¬† The study has been published yesterday in Biomedical Optics Express.
Carlos Dorronsoro, Aiswaryah Radhakrishnan, Pablo de Gracia, Lucie Sawides, and Susana Marcos, “Perceived image quality with simulated segmented bifocal corrections,” Biomed. Opt. Express 7, 4388-4399 (2016).




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