2-year Postdoctoral Advanced Fellowship in Biophotonics @VioBio_Lab



The Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab seeks candidates for a 2-year COFUND Postdoctoral Application in Biophotonics to develop projects of excellence/innovation in the area of ocular imaging, ocular biomechanics and/or vision correction

The Multiply COFUND Program

The Multiply COFUND Fellowship is partially funded by the European Commission (H2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie Program) and VIOBIO Laboratory Funds.

• Salary: 53,000-55,000 €/year (including Social Security obligations).

The successful applicant will work on development and applications of imaging techniques in the anterior segment of the eye, ocular biomechanics or adaptive optics. Applications range from understanding the basic ocular mechanisms to the evaluation and new designs of alternatives for vision correction.

Full description of Fellowship Program:  http://multiply.astonphotonics.uk/

Fellowship Starting date: November 2017

Eligible Candidates

Eligible candidates are international or Spanish citizens that have not resided in Spain for more than one year in the previous three years.

Must hold a PhD degree and an excellent background.

Experience in Biomedical Imaging (Ocular imaging preferred) with strong motivation for multidisciplinary research in the field of ophthalmic and ocular biology applications

 Must be fluent in English.

The Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab

The Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab, led by Prof. Susana Marcos, provides a young and dynamic research environment. The laboratory is funded primarily by European grants (ERC Advanced Grant), national programs and holds excellent collaborative programs with top international laboratories, clinical institutes and industry. The Lab is part of t EU MyFun Marie Curie ITN Research of Excellence, MIT M+Vision Consortium, among others. The Institute of Optics (CSIC) is the oldest research institute in Optics in Spain, and holds an excellent reputation of research in optics, particularly in Visual Optics. CSIC (www.csic.es) is the National Center for Research in Spain, and the most important multidisciplinary research facility in the country, and among the highest ranked in Europe.

Full information regarding VIOBIO Lab activities: http://www.vision.csic.es

Application Process

Applicants should send Expressions of Interest to the VIOBIO Lab Project Managment Unit at: viobio@io.cfmac.csic.es before February 15, 2017 and should include CV, research interests and names of three references.

Pre-selected candidate(s) will proceed with the full application procedure, which requires a cover letter, CV, a research proposal (in collaboration with host institution VioBio Lab), Letter of Commitment from host institution, scan of photo ID, scan of PhD certificate and residence certificate (last 3 years). Letters of Recommendations will be requested at this stage.

Formal applications will be made through a dedicated website.

Final application deadline: March 31, 2017.


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