VioBio Lab joins European Research Council 10 years Anniversary Celebrations

ERC logo

The European Research Council turns 10 years funding research excellence across Europe. VioBio Lab joins the program of celebrations in Madrid.

Susana Marcos will share experiences with ERC funding in a special session March 24  at the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitivity, chaired by Secretary of State of Science and Innovation Dr. Carmen Vela, and closed by the Secretary of Economy, Mr. Luis de Guindos. The Full Program of the event can be found here: Agenda ERC 10th Anniversary_ESand the Full List of Speakers here: Speakers ERC 10th Anniversary

In addition, VioBio ERC Advanced Grant Presbyopia will be featured in a temporary exhibit at the National Museum of Science and Technology, as part of an ERC weekend (March 25-26)  at the museum with a fantastic program celebrating science. Full program can be found here.

VioBio Lab ERC funding includes: 1 ERC Advanced Grant PRESBYOPIA, and 3 ERC Proof of Concept Grants OCT4IOL, SimVisSim and Light-AIOL.

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