Extraordinary outreach activities around optics and light: a book and a course

Post libro

Researchers from VioBio Lab coordinate two outreach activities that well approach optics and light in general, and visual optics and vision in particular to general audiences. 

Editorial CSIC and Libros de la Catarata have published the book “Descubriendo la luz: experimentos divertidos de optica”, coordinated by Maria Viñas, and contributed by members of VioBio Lab, Instituto de Óptica and IOSA Student Chapter. The book addresses fascinating questions involving optics and light and their applications, and presents dozens of affordable experiments to make at school or at home. Learn more about this work in CSIC Press Release

The book (in Spanish) is available through Editorial CSIC website and can be purchased here.

In addition, researchers from VioBio Lab organize the course “Aprendiendo a enseñar ciencia de forma divertida” showcasting optical experiments and providing high school teachers with new resources for the science classroom. The course is directed by María Viñas, Clara Benedí and Susana Marcos, sponsored by the Fundación CSIC Program Cuenta la Ciencia 2018,  and will count with numerous guest speakers, including the well-known science disseminator Pere Estupinya. The course program can be found here.


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