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Pablo de Gracia receives SPIE Student Scholarship

SPIE has awarded 2012 Student Scholarship to Pablo de Gracia (Visual Optics & Biophotonics Lab, Instituto de Optica, CSIC).  Links to Profile at and Press release at

Alberto de Castro’s Thesis Defense at the University of Valladolid: July 6th

Alberto de Castro will be defending his PhD thesis “Reconstruction of the gradient refractive index of the crystalline lens with optimization methods” (Thesis Supervisor: Susana Marcos), next July 6 at the University of Valladolid (Sala de Grados, Facultad de Medicina, 11:30 am). Stay tuned to our PhD theses section for details PhD theses section.


Video Discussion in Biomedical Optics Express on OCT-imaging of Intracorneal Ring Segments

Biomedical Optics Express homepage features a Video Discussion on Ortiz et al, recently published paper on OCT quantitative imaging in keratoconic eyes before and after implantation of intrastromal ring segments (ICRS).

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