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Welcome to VioBio: Andrea Curatolo


We are pleased to welcome Dr. Andrea Curatolo in VioBio Lab. Andrea is joining from the University of Western Australia in Perth, where he completed his PhD at the Optical & Biomedical Engineering Laboratory under the supervision of Prof. David Sampson, and has been a Senior Research Associate School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering for around 10 years. His work includes Optical Coherence Tomography, diagnostic imaging systems engineering design, technology development and supervision of endoscopic and interstitial prototypes deployment in clinical settings.

Andrea is originally from Italy, having completed his MSc in 2006 in Physics Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, with a thesis on the development of a portable multispectral imaging system for works of art diagnostics. He attended the first year of his master’s degree at the Institute of Technology (LTH) in Lund, Sweden. At VioBio he will be joining Optical Coherence Tomography project for optical applications. 

Experimental measurement of Longitudinal Chromatic Aberration in patients implanted with trifocal diffractive IOLs, published in JRS


Trifocal diffractive Intraocular Lenses are increasingly popular designs for the correction of Presbyopia. Using a polychromatic Adaptive Optics system we measured chromatic difference of focus at multiple wavelengths (psycophysical and double-pass measurements) and far/intermediate/near foci in 10 patients bilaterally implanted with the FINeVision Trifocal IOL (hydrophilic material) by PhysIOL. Longitudinal Chromatic Aberration was largest for far and close to zero for near vision. Refractive and diffractive effects can be used to modulate chromatic aberration in patients implanted with diffractive IOLs.

The study is the result of collaborative work between VioBio Lab (CSIC) Innova Ocular  and PhysIOL

Full Reference: Maria Vinas, Ana Gonzalez-Ramos, Carlos Dorronsoro, Vyas Akondi, Nuria Garzon, Francisco Poyales, Susana Marcos, . In Vivo Measurement of Longitudinal Chromatic Aberration in Patients Implanted With Trifocal Diffractive Intraocular Lenses Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2017; 33 (11): 736-742

Full article here.

Susana Marcos received Premio Rey Jaime I in “New Technologies” in Award Ceremony



Rey Jaime I Awards Ceremony took place at Lonja de Valencia on October 30 in an event presided by HM Queen Letizia.

Susana Marcos received the New Technologies Award in the 29th edition of these awards that highlight the work of Spanish researchers and entrepreneurs. The jury for the New Technologies category, which included four Nobel Prize winners, unanimously decided to award Susana Marcos for “her important contributions to the field of physics of vision and, in particular, her studies on imaging and ocular diagnostics that had led to the development of new intraocular lenses and the detection of ocular diseases”.

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