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New in the lab: Vyas Akondi, Awarded Marie COFUND Senior Postdoctoral Fellowship (Marie Curie /Fundacion Madri+d)




Vyas Akondi (PhD in Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) has been awarded a COFUND 3-year Senior Postdoctoral Fellowship (EU Marie Curie Action, managed by Fundacion Madri+d) joining us on December 22nd, 2014. Vyas has spent last two years at Dr Brian Vohnsen´s lab in the University College Dublin, and he will be doing cutting edge research in adaptive optics. Welcome Vyas!”



What has @VioBio_Lab published in 2014?


Learn about the research published by Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab this year: from crystalline lens and corneal biomechanics to IOLs and corneal treatments: Link

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