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@VioBio_Lab at Visual and Physiological Optics Meeting 2014



VPO (formerly EMVPO) meeting starts today in Wroclaw, Poland. @VioBio_Lab will be present with three oral contributions:

– Sun, P. Pérez-Merino, A. De Castro, J. Birkenfeld, S. Ortiz, S. Marcos “Full OCT-based pseudophakic custom computer eye model”

– Radhakrishnan1, L. Sawides, C. Dorronsoro, M. A. Webster, S. Marcos “Adaptation to contralateral differences in ocular blur”

– Barbero “Computation of dioptric power and magnification matrices in ophthalmic lenses”


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“Women in the summit of science” in El Mundo




National’s newspaper El Mundo magazine Yo Dona published an article on women in science. Susana Marcos, along with other spanish prestigious scientists (including Margarita Salas, Maria Blasco, Angela Nieto, Maria Josefa Yzuel, among others) were featured.

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“Corneal viscoelastic properties from FEM analysis of in vivo air-puff deformation”, published in PLOS ONE



Air puff deformation imaging and Finite-Element-Model analysis were used to retrieve corneal viscoelastic properties in cross-linked porcine and virgin human corneas. The study has just been published in Kling, Bekesi, Dorronsoro, Pascual, Marcos, PLOS ONE 2014

Crystalline Lens Optical Properties, 7th video of the VioBio Lab video series



We present the 7th  video of a series presenting the custom-technology and applications of our lab. The crystalline lens of the eye is a fascinating optical element, with aspheric surfaces, a gradient index structure and reshaping capability to focus near and far. This video presents several imaging technologies to estimate these properties to which VioBio_Lab has largely contributed.


Please, visit VioBio Lab Reseach page to watch all videos of the series, as they are presented​


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