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New VioBio Website section on Laboratory Resources


VioBio Lab launches a new section on Laboratory Resources in their website. The section describes visually the laboratory Custom Developed Technologies, Capabilities, and Equipment available in the laboratory.  We hope it is of interest to those that want to learn more on the methods we use in our research, and to potential collaborators on our know-how and infrastructures.
Please, link here for a direct link to the site:

Review paper on “”Tackling the global burden of uncorrected refractive errors” published in the Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering



The Madrid-MIT  M+Vision Consortium Team Eye publishes its first publication in the highly prestigious ARBE journal.  The work describes the challenge of providing eye care, particularly optical prescription in underserved communities, and the new technologies meeting this need.

Full Reference: Nicholas J. Durr, Shivang R. Dave, Eduardo Lage, Susana Marcos, Frank Thorn, and Daryl Lim “From Unseen to Seen: Tackling the Global Burden of Uncorrected Refractive Errors” Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering. Vol. 16: 131-153 (Volume publication date July 2014)

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