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Off-axis OCT imaging of the crystalline lens to reconstruct the GRIN using optical methods published in Biomedical Optics Express


We demonstrate that both the gradient refractive index (GRIN) of the crystalline lens and the posterior surface shape can be studied using on an off axis OCT images. We had proposed in the past the use of OCT images to reconstruct the crystalline lens GRIN but our method needed accurate measurements of the anterior and posterior surface of the lens. This is impossible in vivo because the image of the posterior surface of the lens is distorted by the optics of the eye (including the unknown lens GRIN!). In this new study we show that using information from both on- and off-axis OCT images, the four GRIN variables and the posterior surface shape can be studied simultaneously. The current study shows results in 9 isolated crystalline lenses. Using isolated lenses allow us to check that the reconstructions of the GRIN and the posterior surface shapes are accurate. However, the ideas can be directly applied in vivo where yes, there are a few more complications such as the refraction of the rays in the corneal surface.

Full reference: Alberto de Castro, Judith Birkenfeld, Bianca Maceo Heilman, Marco Ruggeri, Esdras Arrieta, Jean-Marie Parel, Fabrice Manns, and Susana Marcos, “Off-axis optical coherence tomography imaging of the crystalline lens to reconstruct the gradient refractive index using optical methods” Biomed. Opt. Express 10 (7), 3622-3634 (2019)

Full article here

Job offer: Four-year postdoctoral contract

Captura IO

The Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab (Institute of Optics, CSIC) is seeking candidates (PhD in Physics or Engineering) interested in a 4-year postdoctoral position to develop a project in the field of Visual Optics and Engineering in the eye, offering an exciting opportunity to join a highly internationally recognized laboratory which develops R&D focused on optical engineering, photonics and biomechanics.

See full profile and contact details here.

VioBio Lab Project selected for Fundación Madri+d HealthStart Program


Fundación Madri+d HealthStart, a program aimed at promoting commercialization and spin-out of highly added value research results, has awarded one of its 2019 Projects to our Light-engaged accommodating Intraocular Lens. The program kicks off June 27 with a training, pitching and networking event. Congratulations! 

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