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Summer School and Annual Meeting OPAL Marie Curie Network hosted by @VioBio_LaB

A node of the Marie Curie ITN Network “Optical and Adaptational Limits of Vision” (EU FP7 Program), the Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab (Instituto de Optica) will be hosting the First Summer School and Second Annual Meeting of the network. Invited speakers at the Summer School include Michael Webster (University of Nevada), Maciej Wojtowski (Copernicus University) and Nework PIs and members from University of Tubingen, University of Murcia, University of Crete, KTH, Rodenstok and Institute of Optics (CSIC). Keynote lectures will be delivered by OPAL Advisory Board members Stephen Burns (Indiana University) and Dan-Eric Nilsson (University of Lund)

More information on OPAL Marie Curie Network at:

Full program at:


@VioBio_Lab at the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery


Susana Marcos will be delivery two invited talks and one contributed paper at the XXX ESCRS Meeting, to be held in Milan (Italy) September 8-12, 2012. “Effect of tilt and decentration of IOL” at “Clinical Research Symposium; IOL power calculations and eye models” “Aberrations  of the optical system” at “Workshop on Optics” “In vivo chromatic aberrations of IOLs”,  at “Best of Best Session”

Full Program can at:

@VioBio_Lab contributes with four presentations at the Reunion Nacional de Optica (Spanish Optical Society Meeting)

Three oral papers and one poster will be presented at the X Reunion Nacional de Optica (Spanish Optical Society Meeting) to be held in Zaragoza (Spain) September 4-7, 2012 “Análisis y cuantificación de imágenes 3D de OCT del segmento anterior del ojo: Técnicas y aplicaciones” by Sergio Ortiz et al., “Propiedades biomecánicas de la cornea determinadas por extensiometría bidimensional a partir de trazado de rayos”  by Sabine Kling et al., “Medida de la deformación producida por un pulso de aire en corneas normales y en corneas tratadas con cross- linking mediante imagen OCT”  by Carlos Dorrosoro et al. “Líneas de Investigación del Laboratorio de Optica Visual y Biofotónica (Instituto de Óptica, CSIC)  by Susana    Marcos  (Poster)”.
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@VioBio_Lab contributes with four oral presentations to EMVPO Meeting 2012

The European Meeting of Vision and Physiological Optics (an European Optical Society Topical Meeting) starts next week in Dublin. VioBio contributes with the following talks:  Gradient refractive index reconstruction in accommodating non-human primate crystalline lenses (by Alberto de Castro et al, Aug 20 11:30); Classification Method to Test Natural Adaptation to the High Order Aberrations of the Eye (by Lucie Sawides et al. Aug 21, 10:15);  Calibration of a commercial anterior segment OCT instrument foraccurate corneal topography (by Damian Siedlecki et al. Aug 21, 12:15);  Quantifying performance of accommodative intraocular lenses with 3-D anterior segment OCT (by Susana Marcos et al. Aug 22, 11:30).

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Subjects adaption to blur magnitude and orientation of their aberrations published in Journal of Vision

We studied to which extent subjects are adapted to the magnitude of the aberrations or the orientation of their own aberrations, by looking at their best perceived focus for pure defocus, and (keeping blur magnitude constant) their preferred oriented pattern. We found that subjects are primarily adapted to the overall amount of blur, and to a lesser extent to blur orientation. The study is a collaborative effort between VioBio_Lab and Michael Webster’s lab at the University of Nevada.

Full paper at Sawides et al. J Vis August 7, 2012 12(8)

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