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Susana Marcos to present experience of ERC Proof of Concept in FET Innovation Launchpad Infoday



Susana Marcos will be sharing her experience on the ERC Proof of Concept Call at the Future and Emerging Technology Innovation Launch pad event organized by the Research Executive Agency. REA is launching the FET Innovation Launchpad to fund innovation potential of ideas arising from FET funded projects and to support the next steps in turning them into a genuine social or economic innovation, following a concept similar of the European Research Council Proof-of-Concept program.

The Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab has been awarded two ERC PoC grants (OCT4IOL and SimVisSim), associated to results subject to exploitation arising from the ERC AdG Presbyopia (PI. Susana Marcos). Flash info on these projects will be presented at the event.

FET Innovation Launchapad Infoday:

New in the lab: Nohelia Morales




We welcome Nohelia Morales who joins VioBio Lab as Project Manager. Nohelia holds a Degree in Translation and Interpreting and Postgraduate Degree in French Studies. She has a large experience in managing EU projects and deep knowledge of the project cycle management. Nohelia worked at the Executive Agency Education, Audiovisual and Culture (EACEA) of the European Commission in Brussels as project officer, having also worked at the consulting company Consulta Europa, at the Spanish Ministry of Health and at the Bank of New York Mellon.

New in the Lab: Enrique Gambra




Enrique Gambra joins back VioBio Lab as an instrument senior engineer, involved in development of Simultaneous Vision and Adaptive Optics Vision Simulator Technologies. BSc in Physics (Universidad de Zaragoza) and PhD in Visual Sciences (Universidad de Valladolid), with doctoral work conducted at the Institute of Optics under the supervision of Susana Marcos, Enrique Gambra comes to us after a 2-year experience in the Ophthalmic Industry (i-Optics) in The Netherlands. Welcome, Enrique!

Review of Ophthalmology features SimVis Technology


An article featured in ophthalmology magazine “Review of Ophthalmology “Two new ways to help manage presbyopia” features the Simultaneous Vision Simulator. SimVis, developed by VioBio Lab and protected by three patents, allows patients to experience multifocal corrections prior to surgery. SimVis is commercialized by spin-off 2EyesVision



Susana Marcos interview on new projects and experience in international societies





Agencia SINC has published an interview with Susana Marcos, where she discusses new ERC Proof of Concept Project on Simultaneous Vision Simulation,  presbyopia, technology transfer at VioBio Lab, her experience at the Optical Society of America and her views on research.
Link to interview:

Cross-linking (CXL) treatment aims at stiffening the cornea of keratoconic patients, with weakened corneas.


Cross-linking (CXL) treatment aims at stiffening the cornea of keratoconic patients, with weakened corneas.
The study investigates corneal deformation imaging and inherent corneal mechanical properties in ex vivo rabbit eyes following conventional CXL (using Riboflavin as a photosensitizer and UVA light, UVX) and a novel CXL modality (using Rose Bengal and green light, RGX). While corneal deformation is less, the treated area is more stiffened in treated corneas. The lower penetration and lack of dehydration in RGX are advantageous in the new CXL modality.
This study is part of collaborative work between VioBio Lab (IO-CSIC) and Kochevar Lab (Wellman Center of Photomedicine)
The work is published in the current issue of Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision Science.

Full reference: N. Bekesi, I Kochevar, S. Marcos Corneal Biomechanical Response Following Collagen Cross-Linking With Rose Bengal–Green Light and Riboflavin-UVA. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science March 2016, Vol.57, 992-1001

ARVO Insight publishes “Research Highlight” on IOVS publication on new cross-link procedure



The Association of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology has highlighted our recent publication  in IOVS on a new CXL procedure as a “Research Highlight” in ARVO Insight. The article acknowledges the use of alternative photosensitizer (Rose Bengal) and wavelength (green) to stiffen the cornea

Link to Research Hightlight

Link to original article

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