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In vivo chromatic aberrations in eyes implanted with IOLs published in #IOVS


Aberrations in two different wavelengths were measured in patients implanted with two different types of IOLs (Alco Acrysof and AMO Tecnis), allowing estimates of chromatic difference of focus in vivo.  The impact of chromatic defocus is attenuated by the presence of monochromatic aberrations.

The study has just published in IOVS. Full reference: Perez-Merino P, Dorronsoro C, Llorente L, Duran S, Jimenez-Alfaro I, Marcos S. In vivo chromatic aberration in eyes implanted with intraocular lenses. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.  2013;54:2654–2661.

Link to paper:

Collaboration Agreement signed with School of Optometry/Optometry Clinic- Universidad Complutense de Madrid


The Institute of Optics-CSIC signs a collaboration agreement for research and clinical assistance with the School of Optometry/ Optometry Clinic of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Among others, the agreement facilitates access to optometric evaluations in research subjects.

Lucie Sawides, Young Researcher in Focus from the European Vision Institute


Lucie Sawides has been selected as The Young Researcher in Focus, in this month’s issue of from the European Institute of Vision.  Lucie Sawides (Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab) is close to defending her PhD thesis on the use of Adaptive Optics to understand the role of optical aberrations and neural adaptation in visual perception.

Link to the full announcement:


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