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Spanish Optical Society Thesis Award (Justiniano Casas-Accesit) to Carlos Dorronsoro (@VioBio_Lab)

The Image Science Committee of the Spanish Optical Society of Spain has awarded the Justiniano Casas-Accesit Price to Carlos Dorronsoro, for his PhD Thesis, entitled “Corneal ablation and contact lens fitting: Physical, optical and visual implications



Corneal biomechanical properties after CXL from a new 2-D flap extensiometry method in press in #IOVS

IOVS advances publication of a new method to determine resolved corneal biomechanical properties with applications in cross-linking, by Kling, Haris and Marcos.  The method is based on 2-D flap extensiometry using a ray tracing technique and estimates elasticity modulus in virgin pig corneas, and in rabbits before and 1-month after cross-linking. The work is the result of a collaborative effort between the University of Crete and @VioBio_Lab

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Madrid MIT M+Vision Minicourse and Horizon Lectures at Institute of Optics (CSIC)

Integrated Medicine and Imaging Series: Optics and Applications in Ophthalmology and Cancer Minicourse (Susana Marcos, Institute of Optics CSIC -lead- and Conor Evans, Wellman Center of Photomedicine-Harvard/MGH): Lab Tour of Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab: July 3, 15:30-17:00; Lectures at ACAP, Alcala 11, July 4, 8:30-14:00

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Horizon Lectures Week 1 at Institute of Optics, July 2-5; Serrano 121,
Every day at 18:00, followed by social hour.  Full program
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