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M+Vision Eye Project Subward signed with MIT and Fundacion Madrid+d (@madridmvision)


CSIC, Massachussets Institute of Technology and Fundacion Madrid+d have signed the Subward Agreement on M+Vision Eye project to collaborate on the development and testing of low-cost Hartmann-Shack based autorefractometry. Lear more about the Team Eye Quicksee project at:

Corneal elasticity in cross-linking using Brillouin microscopy, published in IOVS


We studied depth-resolved corneal elasticity after cross-linking treatment using Brillouin Microscopy.  The anterior stroma contributes the most to the stiffening of the cornea following cross-linking. The standard epi-on cross-linking is 3 times more efficient in stiffening the cornea than the epi-off procedure. The study  is the result of a collaboration between Yun’s Lab at Wellman Center of Photomedicine (Harvard-MGH) and the Visual Optics and Biophtonics Lab, Institute of Optics, CSIC.

Full reference:  Giuliano Scarcelli, Sabine Kling, Elena Quijano, Roberto Pineda, Susana Marcos, and Seok Hyun Yun Brillouin Microscopy of Collagen Crosslinking: Noncontact Depth-Dependent Analysis of Corneal Elastic Modulus, Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision Science 54:1418-1425 (2013)

Link to paper

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