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Inteview to Vyas Akondi, M+Vision Cofund Fellow



Madrid+d Foundation interviews Dr. Vyas Akondi, M+Vision Cofund Fellow at the Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab Read Full Interview: Link


VioBio_Lab ARVO Itinerary Planner



VioBio Lab contributes to ARVO with 8 presentation in the areas of crystalline lens, corneal biomechanics, presbyopic corrections and neural adaptations. Click on the following links for our ARVO Itinerary Planner with VIOBIO Lab contributions and abstracts.

Add it to your calendar: Link

Itinerary and abstracts: Link

See you in Denver!

Institute of Optics-CSIC launches a new video


In the event of the International Year of Light 2015, the Institute of Optics, CSIC lauches a new video, showcasting its activities in research, technology and communication in optics and photonics.

Full version (10 min):

Short version (3 min):


Study on spherical aberration of the crystalline lens with stretching published in IOVS


A collaborative study between the Byophysics Group in Bascom Palmer Eye Research Institute and VIOBIO Lab in Instituto de Optica reports changes in spherical aberration of the monkey crystalline lenses as a function of simulated accommodation. There is a great correspondence between laser ray tracing measurements of spherical aberrations and estimations based on the measurements lens shape and Gradient Index.

The study appears in March issue of IOVS.

Full reference

Maceo Heilman B, Manns F, de Castro A, Heather Durkee,Esdras Arrieta, Susana Marcos, and Jean-Marie Parel Changes in monkey crystalline lens spherical aberration during simulated accommodation in a lens stretcher. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2015;56:1743–1750.

New in the lab: Marta Kazimierska


We welcome Marta Kazimierska. Marta is a graduate student of Optics at Wrocław University of Technology, with interest in IOLs and computer eye modeliong. She will be spending 2 months in Viobio Lab funded Erasmus Internship.

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