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Longitudinal Chromatic Aberration of the human eye: psychophysical and reflectometric measurements in an AO system, published in BOE



This study presents the Longitudinal Chromatic Aberration (LCA) of the human eye measured in subjects using wavefront sensing, double-pass retinal images, and psychophysical methods with a custom-developed polychromatic Adaptive Optics system in a wide spectral range (450-950 nm) than previously explored, with control of subjects’ natural aberrations. LCA from reflectometry measurements is consistently lower than from psychophysical. High order aberrations play little role in these differences.

 Full reference:  Maria Vinas,* Carlos Dorronsoro, Daniel Cortes, Daniel Pascual, and Susana Marcos. “Longitudinal chromatic aberration of the human eye in the visible and near infrared from wavefront sensing, double-pass and psychophysics” 23 Feb 2015 | Vol. 23, No. 4 | DOI:10.1364/OE.23.00948 | OPTICS EXPRESS 948


Susana Marcos receives the Associate Award at the 2015 Wavefront Congress


Susana Marcos has been the receipient of the Associate Award at the 2015 Wavefront Presbyopic and Refraction corrections Congress held in Santa Barbara, CA, recognizing the best oral presentation, as voted by attendees. The award adds to those received by Susana Marcos in previous editions of the Wavefront Congress: Founders Award 2001; Associate Award 2010; Associate Award 2012.

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