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Sabine Kling will defend her thesis entitled “Corneal biomechanical properties: measurement, manipulation and simulation”


Sabine Kling will defend her thesis entitled “Corneal biomechanical properties: measurement, manipulation and simulation” next January 30 at the University of Valladolid School of Medicine, as part of the PhD Interuniversity Program in Visual Sciences. An open seminar will take place at the Insitute of Opitcs on January 29.

“The presentation can be followed online by streaming at

3-D evaluation of Accommodating Intraocular Lens Shift and Alignment In Vivo, published in Ophthalmology


Full quantitative 3D OCT is used to completely evaluate performace of the Crystalens Accommodating IOL. Cornea curvature, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, crystalline lens and IOL 3-D alignment were measured in 22 eyes pre- and post-operatively.

High-resolution OCT measurements of the Crystalens 3-D positioning revealed small (and in many patients backward) A-IOL axial shifts with both natural or drug- induced accommodation, as well as tilt changes with respect to natural lens and accommodative effort. Full reference: Susana Marcos, Sergio Ortiz, Pablo Pérez-Merino, Judith Birkenfeld, Sonia Durán, Ignacio Jiménez-Alfaro. Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Accommodating Intraocular Lens Shift and Alignment In Vivo. Ophthalmology 2014;121:45-55

OCT Purkinje-like method for lens tilt and decentration measurements, published in Optical Engineering


Measurement of tilt and decentration of implanted intraocular lenses (IOL) is important to assess surgical outcomes. We present and validate a method that joints the advantages of OCT and Purkinje imaging to measure IOL alignment in vivo. The tomographic nature of OCT allows unequivocal identification of the anterior cornea and anterior and posterior IOL reflections in en face OCT images. The online advanced publication is available. On print, it will be part of the Special Issue on Human Vision, to be publised by Optical Engineering in June 2014

Full reference: Mengchan Sun, Alberto de Castro, Sergio Ortiz, Pablo Perez-Merino,  Judith Birkenfeld,  Susana Marcos. Intraocular lens alignment from an en face optical coherence tomography image Purkinje-like method. Opt. Eng. 53(6), 061704 (Jan 10, 2014)

Anterior Segment OCT”, 4th video of the VioBio Lab video series



We present the fourth video of a series presenting the custom-technology and applications of our lab. In this new video you can learn about our Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography systems.

Please, visit VioBio Lab Reseach page to watch all videos of the series, as they are presented every two weeks

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