Visiting opportunity for the MSIP-supported Career Researchers and Young Researchers in a collaboration with ERC-supported researchers


A new initiative has been launched to boost opportunities for early-career Korean scientists to come to Europe to join the VioBio lab, as one of European Research Council grantees.

The objective of the action is to stimulate co-operation by bringing the best researchers together to exchange ideas and experiences, and to enhance their international profile and knowledge. The initiative will make it easier for early-career Korean top scientists to be part of ERC-funded research teams for 6 to 12 months.


  1. MSIP-supported Career Researchers, funded by the MSIP Career Researchers grants. (Mid-career Researcher Program, Leading Researcher Program)
  2. MSIP-supported Young Researchers, funded by MSIP Young Researchers grants.


From 6 to 12 months scientific visit to join the VIOBIO lab, a Multidisciplinary, International, Young Team, Worldwide leader in Visual Optics.

Salaries will be covered by the Korean side, according to their MSIP-supported projects’ terms and conditions or the regulations of their organisation in Korea.


ERC projects will reimburse

1.  Subsistence costs on a per diem basis, in accordance with the applicable national law and any other rules or regulations applicable on the Susana Marcos’ Host Institution (CSIC).

2. Any other eligible costs incurred during the visiting researchers that are directly related to the ERC-funded project.



If you are eligible and interested, please contact as soon as possible Susana Marcos ( to ascertain your common research goals and further details of a prospective visit.

Shortly, ERC will make available a list including Susana Marco’s data as one of the ERC PIs who have expressed their interest to participate in this initiative.

In due course, you will have to submit your application to the Korean MSIP with endorsement of the visit by CSIC and a communication from Susana Marcos.

Once you have been selected by the MSIP, visiting Korean-based researchers may be welcomed into VIOBIO lab for the duration of their visit.

More information:


Prof. Susana Marcos,




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